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Adoption is an Option

The adoption process can be a long and emotional process in Georgia. Help bring awareness and support a current process. Please read the full story



We are Neil and Jill   ((( Please look at the size guide, you may need a larger size than normal )))

My wife and I live in Georgia, a state where the adoption process is a grueling and sometimes unfair to the children and even the potential adoptive parents. The adoption process can even show true colors of those who work and train for the state. We have had awesome state employees involved in our adoption process and we have one that should be charged for racial discrimination and even discrimination against first responders.

Currently, we are watching and involved in a process that involves ten children. Though all the children are US citizens, the parents are not. The parent who is in their lives cannot support them but has a chance under current law to gain them all back. We believe we are going to have a fight on our hands to keep the infant child that is currently in our custody, we have had this child since he OR she was 4 weeks old. We are this child's family.

By law, we can not give names nor show pictures of this baby. 

If we have to fight this state for what is right for this child we will. We will fight this all the way to make sure this baby lives the American Dream. 

I am a 50% disabled Veteran and an Operations Manager for a waste management company. I have served our country and served our community as a Police Officer. My wife is a School teacher in the local school district who is finishing her second Masters in Education to further improve our family's future. We have an 8-year-old who lives with us that Jill's biological daughter. I have two children who are 22 and 20. Jill and I can not have our own children due to medical issues. Jill and I have been through all the state required training, have completed every requirement and have an approved home for adoption. 

Money that is raised here will go into a legal fund to fight for this adoption and bring awareness to the state laws, any remaining funds will go into a college fund for this baby. 

Neil and Jill

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