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Aggie's Fund

Aggie needs life saving surgery and momma needs a little financial help.


The Story

Back in May of 2009 I went up to my Veterinary Clinic. Someone had thrown out a little approximately 10 day old  puppy at a car lot in a cardboard box. She was bleeding profusely from her tail from a botched home done tail docking attempt and had diarrhea smeared on her.She was eaten up with coccidia. The veterinary staff asked me if I would Foster her and bottle feed her and I said yes. 9 years later she's still with me and is my heart my soul my child.. this Tuesday morning I noticed that she was not doing well and she was acting very strangely. I had to take my mother  to the hospital Tuesday for a bone marrow biopsy . So I made  her as comfortable as I could and then took my mother to the hospital.  I got back home from the hospital &She was comatose and near death. I rushed her to the vet and it was not good. Preliminary Diagnostics showed enlarged spleen, possibly ruptured, possible tumors. Her chances of surviving the night without any treatment was 0% her chances of surviving the night with treatment were 20 to 25%. So we started her on IV fluids and medications. The next day she stabilized & was doing better and actually ate. Yesterday a blood panel was done and the results were okay but not great. They went ahead and operated on her. She had a splenectomy and a tumor removal. The tumor was attached to her spleen and it was the size of a baseball or tennis ball. And was bleeding out. She has survived the night and is doing well but is still pretty out of it and is not out of the woods yet. It was estimated her first night of Iv care and medication would be $500. And operation might go up to 1,800- $2,000. I have no idea if these prices also include her x-rays and her ultrasound and other Diagnostics. I am on a very limited income and I'm overwhelmed with co-pays for my mother's ongoing cancer treatments.  I had and have no idea how I'm going to pay for Aggies treatment and care. But even though I considered it I just could not euthanize her. She wanted to live and every time she heard me talk she tried so hard and struggled greatly to try to get up and come to me. I have never received such love and adoration from another living being. And how do you not try everything you can to save them? how could I just kill her? So I am applying for every Veterinary Financial Grant that I can and I'm trying to use this option to raise as much money as I can to pay for her bill. Please help me if at all possible. If you feel more comfortable calling in a donation directly to Tri-County Veterinary Clinic then contact me, that can be arranged. Please share and share and share. Thank you for your consideration.

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