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Aidan Style for Special Needs Camp

Help send Aidan to summer camp, while showing your passion for fashion! Every #AidanStyle  funds time at camp. Every one.


Each summer there is a lottery for special needs kids to attend a hands on, outdoor, active, magical camp. Aidan has scored a spot for Summer 2018. He's pretty lucky. But camp.... it's expensive. The counselors have bottomess love and patience for these children, and see them beyond their varied disabilities and special needs. They know how to bring out the best in each child, leaving Aidan filthy, red, sweaty and exhausted at the end of every joyful day. 

Aidan loves trees, rain, wind, dirt, sun, plants and his counselors more than anything. I want to help him get to his happy place. You've asked how you can help. Humble hearts tend to refuse charity. Its hard to accept help. But his smile makes me a better human. Each level of social growth that Aidan reaches despite his Austism, makes me beam. His crazy spirit makes me want to help however i can. I've designed a shirt based on his very own custom backpack because as you all keep telling me ... "Omg this needs to be a shirt!" And now you can rock his style, his face, and know that you're making a family sigh and sleep well knowing that his village has his best interests in mind. 

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