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The Big Corn Island Veterinary Expedition team has travelled to Nicaragua 3 years in a row to save hundreds of lives each year. 2019 here we come!


Please like and follow their page on FB: Big Corn Island Veterinary Expedition to see hundreds of photos and posts, as well as entertaining videos about the 3 trips the team has done so far, and stay tuned for all the planning and fundraising for 2019! This team travels from the United States each year to Big Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua, to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and give medications to the Island dogs and cats at no cost to the Island residents. In January 2018 they did 100 pregnancy-prevention & life saving surgeries and vaccinated over 550 animals! This was their 3rd annual trip and it costs upwards of $18K - $20K to do this each year. Without them, there is NO veterinary care on the island! 

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