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As you may know, we are re-hosting "R" again for the 3rd time! Wow, what an incredible opportunity this is and we couldn't do it without our VILLAGE!


Our family embarked on a journey a couple of years ago that has forever rocked our worlds. We partner with an orgnazation called New Horizons for Children which is an orphan hosting outreach.
We didnt know what we were getting ourselves into when we first commited in 2017.  What we thought would be a one time thing has turned into a lifetime of being completely in love with this girl. 

R is apart of our family in such a sweet, unique way, and though we wish she could be with us everyday or every year, we praise God that He allows us the time we do have with her each hosting season. We are so grateful for our "village" those who love on her while she is here, those who bring us dinners, those who pray, and those who support us. We truly are grateful!

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