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Bucks For Books

Support a student to earn their degree and show your love of learning! All funds raised will go to textbooks, food, and transportation to classes.


Hello! I am a student, in love with learning, and currently majoring in Engineering Sciences at Finger Lakes Community College. My goal is to become an expert and the best I can be in the field I choose. The next step will be to earn my Bachelors Degree, then Masters, and possibly PhD, depending on where this journey takes me. I work a full time job alongside classes in order to pay living expenses; however, minimum wage doesn't cover everything. I still need textbooks, transportation to school and work each day, and food to keep me going on track towards my goals and learning. I know many share my love of learning, to which books have greatly contributed. I created my own line of cute apparel, so that you too can express your love of learning and support me on my journey! You are welcome to purchase a t-shirt or other apparel, or submit a donation to help me reach my goals!

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