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Bully Buster Star Fundraising Tshirts

The main goal of Star Enterprises, Inc is to provide successful character education/anti-bullying music programs to schools. 


Star's music programs are "You Are a Star" which addresses character education and "Bully Buster Stars" which is an anti-bullying program; both are key elements of most schools' improvement plans. In both programs, being a "Star" means that students develop the tools they need to be successful, contributing members of society. Character education inspires students to think beyond themselves and to develop respect for self and others. Bullying is a critical factor in the lives of school-aged children, and this program addresses the following: 1) key behaviors that protect students from the harmful effects of bullying, 2) shows students how to protect themselves from bullying, and 3) to not exhibit bullying behavior themselves. Activities in both of these programs include a kick off whole school interactive assembly, an eight-module musical DVD set and a teacher's curriculum with classroom discussion questions and student activities. Students learn songs and participate in an all-school assembly that shows each student that being a "Real Star" means showing respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and cooperation in their behavior. The musical DVD lessons reinforce the positive message of the songs and help the students incorporate these qualities into their lives.

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