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Candles. Crystals. Decks. Donuts

The metaphyscial world has given me so much clarity, understanding and support. It open me to brand new possibilites and opportunties of growth.


Candles. Crystals. Decks. Donuts was created to show the infinite ways to be a human being. Picking a card to gain enligthment past, present and future.  Holding a crystals connecting to your inner knowing and the wisdom of the particular stone. Candles having give me so much release and hope. Set your intentions and magic happen. Donuts, blessth be your yumminess is greater than any baked/fried good I know.

Charlee Brown Collective is holistic wellness project integrating body positivity,mental wellness, strengths  awareness and spiritual motivation. CBC mission is to create a whole being experience. Providing resources, tools, trainings, conversations and circles to help you make a safe and brave return to your whole being. 

All Charlee Brown Collective Merchandise was created to help create spaces, buy equipment, materials for Charlee Brown Collective to grow into community funded collective. Your purchase will contribute to creating BIPOC LGBTQIA Non-Confirming/Assimilating spaces in Los Angeles.  


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