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Deaf Heartbeat

Help bridge the gap between the Hearing and Deaf! Profits from this fundraiser go towards making Deaf Heartbeat an official 501c3 NonprofitšŸ¤Ÿ


Approximately 1,000,000 people in the US are Deaf. 90% are born to Hearing parents and are unable to communicate. What happens to them?? 1. They family adopts a form a Home Sign Language. 2. The Deaf child feels isolated. 3. They get Cochlear implants and are distanced from their native language.

My name is Selina and I am what you call a SODA-a sibling of a Deaf Adult. My sister Roxanne, was born profoundly Deaf to Hearing parents. My parents did not know how to raise a Deaf child and never learned true Sign Language. We adapted a form of Home Sign Language similiar to charades. It left Roxanne feeling lonely, misunderstood and not cared for. After losing connection with my sister then reconnecting at my Dads funeral and not being able  to communicate the emotions we were going through, I knew there was a need for change. I needed to be able to fully understand what Roxanne was saying in HER language and I needed her to know that she was important enough to me to go through the steps to learn this beautiful language.  This brought forth the idea of Deaf Heartbeat American Sign Language Classes. Our Mission is to teach the Hearing Sign Language and how to communicate with the Deaf. Ultimately bridging the gap between the two.


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