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Dee'Rayz Kitchen Road to Wheels

The purpose of this fundraiser is to GROW from a home based business, to a traveling food/dessert master! We are looking to get a FOOD TRUCK!


Dee'Rayz Kitchen and Catering was founded by myself, Tristin Nance, In February of 2013. Individually owned and operated, I have managed my business soley from home. I started this business for reasons that most people do; Be your own boss, finacial stability, the love love of culinary arts. But most importantly, I started this business for not only time with my children, but to be able to afford having 5 of them. It was like I was working only to pay the sitter, and still had to find a side job to pay bills. So I focusing my heart on what i love doing.. which is Culinary arts and alot af unanswered questions became obvious. I figured If I can Grasp this ALONE, No one can tell me "You cant". I have the Basic Knowlege of knowing and believing that cant... Isnt a word. but an excuse, a "hold back". Since then.. My business has blossomed. I have everything from a Daily Menu & Catering to meal plan options. So my ultimate goal is Running a food truck! Traveling from city to city introducing Dee'rayz Kitchen & Catering to the world!

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