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Dance in Freedom

Jesus is good and calls us to dance in the freedom that He gives us.  


I took this picture last year in SE Asia. I had slept a full night outside on a porch looking out at the jungle and city that I was in. It was dark and scary out there and all I can remember is the peace of Jesus surrounding me. 

This past year Jesus has been teaching me how to dance in my fear and how to turn the spirit of fear into faithfulness. I was terrified to say yes to his calling for me to go to SE Asia again this summer. I was scared of leaving my family, my home and all the comforts I know. Despite all my fears and the lies the enemy was wisphering over me, Jesus was louder. He is louder. 

He started to put people in my path to speak identity and truth over me. People that told me I am fearless; that I am strong and brave and that I can do this. Jesus changes hearts and changes minds. Soon enough he was changing mine; I knew that there was no way I wasn't going to go again to Asia this summer. 

I am fealrless for what Jesus has for me and I will choose to dance in the freedom he has so freely given me. (:

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