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Galleon Treasures Tee Fund Raiser 1

Show your support for Galleon Treasures by owning one of these unique Tees. Max is prominently pictured in this version along with our Web Address


I am Daniel Red and I started Galleon Treasures Parrot Sanctuary 2 years ago. It's purpose is to give parrots a place to go when their owners can no longer take care of them. Think of it as a retirement home for parrots. We are selling these shirts as a way to bring in donation to the sanctuary so please by one or two. They are not very expensive and will make a stunning addition to any Tee Shirt collection and it shows you support us visibly.
More on why we run this Sanctuary. As Parrots are very particular as to who they will allow to handle them most will never leave this aviary. It is our goal to give them a permanent home where they can be admired, cared for and have as many parrot and people friends as they wish. Parrots are very social animals and they do crave companionship.

Thank you for checking out this fundraising event and God Bless you for supporting Galleon Treasures a Florida Non-Profit Sanctuary.

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