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All money raised goes towards progressive organizing in Northeast Wisconsin. What better place to build support for a Green New Deal than Green Bay?


My name is Renee Gasch. I volunteer my time for progressive organizations in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the surrounding region of Northeast Wisconsin.

We are a swing region in a swing state. If we can tip Northeast Wisconsin more progressive, we can make Wisconsin a reliably blue state in elections to come.

Electing more progressive representation to state and national office will help us push for bold solutions to climate change and poverty like the Green New Deal, introduced by incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY and backed by Wisconsin's own Rep. Mark Pocan.

The Green New Deal commits the U.S. to being 100% renewable within a decade and creates a federal jobs program that would train and employ people to overhaul our energy system. In short, we could wipe out climate change and poverty in one program.

Wisconsin is the birthplace of some of the country's most progressive, people-centered policies: Social Security, worker's compensation, and the Wisconsin Idea. I'd like to see us become a pioneer in the Green New Deal.

What better place to build support for a Green New Deal than Green Bay? We're a industrial city in need of economic revitalization and we reside on the shores of the beautiful Green Bay on one of the most vital fresh water resources our country has. We have everything to gain from a Green New Deal.

You can help us gain progressive grassroots momentum while repping support for a Green New Deal. 

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