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Hope For Henrik Benefit

Be a part of Henrik's Superhero Squad as he fights leukemia and WINS!!!  Cancer doesn't stand a chance! #HopeForHenrik


Henrik's mom, Janna, writes:

"On Wednesday December 27th Danny and I brought Henrik into the walk-in clinic for what we thought was going to be a routine in-and-out check up, get an antibiotic and go home. Based on a few more symptoms we decided to do a basic lab test called a CBC. Within minutes of receiving very abnormal lab results and seeing the concern from our pediatrician... I asked him to just tell it to me straight... his response, "It's likely leukemia." Our hearts sink. It's your worst fear. It's unreal. We can't even process it. We're hopeful that it's not. We were immediately sent over to the Children's Hospital ready for an inpatient admission. I asked the nurse which pediatrician is on call. She says his primary doctor will be doctor Kobrinsky... my heart sinks again. 

Now for people that don't know Dr. K, I've learned over the past 3 days that he's the most amazing, brilliant, caring doctor that is so passionate about what he does, but no one wants their primary doctor to be a pediatric oncologist. We get into the room and get settled and as Dr. Kobrinsky is assessing him I look at him and ask 'This isn't anything else is it?' With his hands on Henrik's little tummy he looks at me and says with certainty 'This is cancer.'"

Update as of 6/04/18:

"Best news yet! 




Last week's bone marrow result showed NO DETECTABLE CANCER CELLS! Just the news we needed and were hoping for so that now we can move forward to a bone marrow transplant."  



So it continues...a brave and courageous fight against cancer.  Remission has always been the goal and now an incredibly scary bone marrow transplant is in front of them.  What does every 4 year old need for bravery?!?  His very own Superhero Squad of course!  That's where we come in!  Show your love for this little boy and his family as he takes on the battle to beat leukemia.  Order your superhero swag and when you recieve it, wear it proudly, post a picture, and use the hashtag #HopeForHenrik to let him know you have accepted this position as part of his squad.  We love you buddy and with you every single step of the way!   

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