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I have struggled from mental ilness and knew I wanted to make a change, so I started my own company called WildFlower.




I was around 14 years old when mental illness made its’ very first appearance in my life and little did I know it was there to stay for quite a while. Fast forward four years later and here I am creating my very own brand named WildFlower to bring awareness to mental health and the strong impact it can have in our lives. After watching myself and multiple people I love struggle with a variety of mental illnesses, I knew I wanted to make a difference somehow. Believe it or not, I am one of the lucky ones… You may wonder how? How could somebody with a mental illness consider themselves lucky? My depression and anxiety have shaped me into the person I am today and I’ve met some of the most wonderful,  kind hearted people along the way. It has brought my family closer together and for that I'm forever grateful. Im one of the lucky ones because I had such an incredible support system. I couldn't help but think if I didn't have all these incredible people behind me 100% of the way how differently things could have turned out. Unfortunately not everybody is as blessed as I am in having such an incredible group of people behind them. I want to change that. Therefore, for every piece of Jewellery sold 25% will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association with the hopes that they can help create loving and encouraging support systems for those who are not lucky enough to already have one.



Laura Baxter

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