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Juicing for a cause

Juicing for a cause is a campaign to motivate truck drivers to juice while raising funds to support homeless women and children. Stand for safety!


Juice It, Fuel It is a new juicery that is focused on giving back to the people in society. I started the idea of Juice It, Fuel It when I started my juice diet. I have always wanted to give back and be of support to the community in many ways and volunteering to homeless shelters, giving back to the homeless on the street and touching people by my presence to show gratitude and care always gave me the strength to walk an extra mile. Being that I don't have the thousands of dollars to open my own storefront I found working through the community with partnerships would be a sufficient way for me to get my message out and to gain supporters to grow my vision and idea. The movement I envision will help and guide many others onto a path of health and success. Juice It, Fuel It would love to gain a following of like-minded individuals who care to grow as well with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Let's work together to become healthier juice by juice, sip by sip. Thank you for your support and time. Please share and support the movement! 

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