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Autism Awareness Month is April - Get your Autism Shirt before April 2nd

We are asking for your help in supporting our purpose in fashionable graphic tshirts for autism, While we serve our purpose in helping the community.


Monkey Blue for Autism purpose is to inspire families to bring awareness of autism through fashionable graphic tee shirts designs. The Monkey Blue for Autism line is to encourage families, building faith, spread positive vibes, and give back to the community one person at a time. Without bring negative attention to the title of autism. As a person with autism is unique, exceptionally intelligent, and creative in some particular respect. 

Monkey Blue for Autism was created in February 2018, I was inspired by my seven year old son, Steven was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. As there are many of challenges associated with autism. I have had to push Steven through many of those challenges with speech, occupational, ABA therpy and so much more. Steven has always been my motionvation, and he encourages me to have a stronger faith and push beyond the limits of the unknown. 

We don't believe in looking at what autistic children cannot do, but what their strenghts are, and do their strenghts open up opportunities, and what best neutralizes any negative judgement. We look at what we can do to improve their life's with what they know, and encourage many of families to build a strong foundation from their strenghts. This is what will impact today, tomorrow and every persons futures. 

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