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Dilaudnumb: 'Nature Terror' - Save the Whales Benefit

Dilaudnumb's 'Nature Terror' product line to benefit 'Save The Whales!'

Dilaudnumb's Earth Day 2020 album for pre-release free download via: dilaudnumb.bandcamp.com/album/nature-terror 

This experimental noise album explores the journey of humanity (and human nature) through an aquatic sort of 'event-horizon.' Perhaps precautionary, perhaps nihilistic, certainly aware - the album is meant to raise concern for and action for oceanic protections. 

While aware of Jaws, it dreams of Star Trek IV's depiction of whale/human interconnection and contrasts dreamy ambient (a child-like wonder) with mature harsh noise. It was sent in solidarity to Save the Whales, Sea Shepard, Surf Dog, and Oceanic Preservation Society. Title track and BLEAECK remix are MiSa compilation exclusive (coming mid-2018)



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