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No Bullies in our ZONE

Our Organization aim to strike the rise of social shifting, safety, and behavioral redirection by offering a resolution for bullying!!

The CDC reports about 2,500 7-13 yrs. old take their lives per year due to being bullied.  Our founder Tara takes this to heart as this is not just a societal issue but a personal journey.  Her son Encore was born with a condition called dwarfism and was bullied tremendously as the result.  Tara and Encore along with their Tiny Be Mighty team work hard in their 501c3 non-profit to make a difference in lives of adolescents that are bullied.  They not only bring awareness they extend a full proof resolution and have committed to a 36-month Anti-Bullying Campaign and Tour throughout the United States. Walk with us down the lane of change to combat this serious illness in our country.

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