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Penny Machine!

This campaign was created to raise money for Northeast Arkansas's first penny machine, which will be used to finance our Angel Fund.


If you are my personal friend, family, or client at the clinic, then you probably have seen my growing elongated coin collection.  You probably have even contributed to it at some point, and I do want to thank you tremendously for any squished pennies that are in my display.  For some time now, I have wanted my own machine, and my own designs on pennies.  With a crazy expensive life like we all have, I haven't found a way to finance my own machine.  I have looked into those rental machines but they say I don't have enough foot traffic to earn one. The plan:  To have my own machine in the lobby of my veterinary clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  It is to have four designs, they will be depicting awareness of Veterinary Medicine but also my clinic is about one mile from Arkansas State University.  With ASU so close, I would love to have a penny with the ASU Redwolf logo, but that takes licensing mumbo-jumbo which means more money.  The plan also includes that I would send every one who buys a shirt to get a set of the pennies for their collection.  In order to get your set, I will need to have you Private Message me on Facebook with your picture of you in your shirt and your address so that when I have my machine I will reward you with your penny set (on coppers!).  So please help out! Lets get a new machine to add to the directories online!  Stay squishy my friends!!!


 PS: We have an Angel Fund at the clinic to help with folks that lack the funds to help their pet if it is in a suffering state, I have decided to use the penny machine to fund the Angel Fund!! this is an awesome opportunity to give to a pet in desparate need!



Natalie Davis


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