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Pokémon for trans vet surgery

If you enjoy Pokémon and want to make someone’s life, then please purchase a shirt. Support equality.


My name is Evan Robbins. I am 29 years old and transitioning from female to male. I have been out for 2 years, and my goal has always been fixed on one thing: Top surgery. I've seen a transgender specialized therapist regarding my needs as a trans man, and through her help and my own self reflection I've concluded that the one thing I truly need to finalize my transition is a chest. My case is unique, and I am grateful for the fact that my dysphoria only comes from my female chest.  I am a war veteran and my only health care insurance comes from the VA and they only cover hormone therapy, not surgery.  I'm currently working two jobs to try and save as much as I can. The funds will go 100% towards top surgery and pre-op consultation once I have met my goal. I'm extremely grateful for anyone who would donate or spread this fundraiser, and help me finally be satisfied with my own body. Leftover funds will go to various other transgender people to help them along with any stage of their transition. Thank you to everyone

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