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Rest in Peace Jeremiah Valiant

Jeremiah was like a big brother to everyone in my life at one point. Have you ever met a bouncer that cares? He put his life on the line for us all.


From fighting with people for their keys, taking their phone for the night so he could talk some sense into them before they leave with whoever it is he didn't trust, saving people from getting something put into their drink, and actually putting his life at risk so that we don't get hurt or in trouble when we were stupid, we all need to give thanks for Jeremiah. He truly was God-sent and he did not get paid for the extra stuff that he did for us. He didn't need to do it. Why did he? Because he CARED. And for him not to know that we cared for him back is a shame. He saved our lives...whether that means literally or from getting a DUI and ruining your life, you deicide. From this day forward, I vow to do 5 random acts of kindness a day for people. And those who contribute and buy this shirt are more than welcome to join me. Ask the person making your coffee how their day is going. Compliment that girl that you know may need it. Reach out to an old friend of yours that you know has always cared about you. We need to make a change. Kindness is contagious. Please help me end suicide. If he only know how many people truly cared for him and how much we appreciated what he has done for us. It's not too late! I know it's a little pricey, but the more people buy, the cheaper it will become on the company, and the more that will be leftover for Jeremiah and his family in this terrible time. Please be generous if you are able to. For his funeral, in lieu of flowers, the family appreciated contributions to the college funds of his beloved nephews through his go fund me account. All of the money raised by the end of this campaign will go to the fund. Please help me show them how much we care. I don't know about you, but I always teased him about wanting one of his shirts. Now we can wear them and always remember him. We love you so much Jeremiah. Never forgotten. Please share and please help end suicide with me. Thank you guys so much. I chose to have the shirts sent out at the end of the campaign instead of immediately because it helps raise more money. Please help share the word, as I am ending it July 15, on his 30 day memorial. I hope as many people as possible will help contribute, I am hoping for the best and I also want to get you guys your shirts as soon as possible. He hasn't left my mind and I'd like it if he was actively in all of our thoughts and prayers during this time so we can pray for his soul. Thank you all again for your love and support. You also may donate additional funds to this cause as well if you are able to and it would be greatly appreciated by his family. Even if you are not able to give anything at this time, a simple share to get the word out in hopes that someone else will, will suffice. <3

A total of 6 items must be sold to print out the campaign. I am going to be the first buyer.


Note: It takes about 2 weeks after the campaign closes for delivery. Approximate delivery date: 7/30/2018

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