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Save the 1

Children conceived in rape are not a burden, they are the rainbows after the storm. Help eleminate the negative stereotypes of "rapist babies".


I was brutally assaulted in 2011. In the ER I was told the extent of my injuries were like those in a head on car crash victim. A few weeks later I was being prepped for surgery to repair my eye socket and put my eye back in place when I was told testing showed I was pregnant from my assailant. In the months following I saw my son as a gift, as the rainbow after the storm I had been through. In him I saw hope, and goodness. Still to the day I look at him and see hope and goodness. But society tells him he is a demon seed. A rapist baby. The product of evil. Satan spawn. Something vile forced upon me. And I look at him and see my rainbow, my hope, my joy, MY SON. Save the 1 is a prolife organization that advocates for the 1%, the fetal abnormalities and conceived in rape. Their speakers help raise awareness to the humanity of the children conceived in rape, or told they are incompatable with life. The 1% like my son who have to prove they are innocent children like all the rest. Help bring awareness, help the rainbows of the world show their light. Support Save the 1.

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