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Say Yes Awareness! Autism

Say Yes Awareness! Autism goal is to help autistic people be more independent. Help Us!


I am a parent and an advocate for autism independence & rights. Josiah is the reason for Say Yes Awareness! Autism (SYA).

Josiah is on the spectrum, and I did not want to die without him being able to LIVE on his own or comprehend how to live on his own. In talking to others, I discovered that other parents and caregivers wanted the same thing...INDEPENDENCE.

Say Yes Awareness! Autism is a brainstorm of how a network of people can come together to be more aware to make it easier for those with autism and providing educational information to foster independence. Say Yes Awareness! Autism’s mission is to be a resource, an asset, to raise awareness and assist people with autism. Say Yes Awareness! Autism works towards our goal through Education, Entertainment, and Awareness by providing information (via newsletters, E-newsletters, autism-based filmed streamed content, word of mouth) and by modeling positive mainstream interactions, providing educational information in loops (virtual occupation/speech therapy), support system roundtables, and making the community aware.

Through awareness, we hope to gain acceptance!

If you are autistic, a parent, a caregiver, a friend, an educator, a medical professional or just want to show your support, please purchase our shirts to keep SYA going.

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