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Bringing family and friends together to support the Sean Lozano Family, as Sean has recently been diagnosed with illness requiring a heart transplant.



As most of you know, we are proud parents of 4 beautiful adult children, who have all chosen amazing partners to share their lives with. This past March, our daughter Kasey married her “person”, Sean Lozano. What some of you may not know, is Sean has recently become a qualified patient for a heart transplant, through Cedars-Sinai Hospital, located in Los Angeles.

Amidst the unknown, the scary, the difficult, the confusing, Sean and Kasey are trying to stay positive, optimistic, hopeful and strong, pushing forward day by day. Sean is a God loving, husband, father, son, friend, coworker, coach/trainer, positive roll model, and an overall hard working man. He has worked long grueling hours, at a very physical job to provide for his family. His love, commitment, dedication, devotion and work ethic are exemplary. Although, one would never know, the current situation is certainly taking its toll, physically, emotionally and ultimately financially on Kasey, Sean and the children.

This is our way of showing our support to help them financially for what is to come. We have designed a shirt in honor of showing our love and support for the Sean Lozano family. By purchasing, we will also contribute to a fund that will help them financially, when the time comes (for things such as gas, lodging for back and forth to LA, loss of income or whatever comes up that they may need financial assistance with).

We do this to show our love and support at a time when we feel helpless, and we hope and pray that others will want to help show their love and support too.

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