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Shirts for NEDA Walk

Hello everyone, I am selling these shirts to help raise money for the national eating disorder association. All funds go to help those get recovery.


My name is Rachel Dobrozsi and I am a junior in college. I have suffered from eating disorder not otherwise specified or, EDNOS, since I was in 7th grade. What a lot of people don't know is that eating disorders are the most fatal of mental diseases, EDNOS being the most fatal because it often goes without being noticed or treated. As a pre-health student, I have decided to fundraise and work with the National Eating Disorder Association to not only help advocate for EDNOS, but for all women, men, boy, and girls that suffer from other eating disorders or body image issues. My favorite saying is, "I am enough." Often, we do not see the beauty in ourselves or just need a little reminder that you are unique, incredible, and beautiful just the way you are. Anyways, please buy these super cute shirts I made to help support. It means so much to me and to everyone who has ever doubted themselves, their bodies, and their worth.

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