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Smith skateboards

Hello world, doing this fundraiser 2 try and pick up where smith sk8boards left off a few years ago! Proceeds will go towards a raffle for a free deck


Years ago when i was a teenager I always wanted to do my own little skate company, have my own designs on tshirts and boards, years later I'm doing what I can one step at a time to make that happen, but there is such a bigger picture to it now days! I would also like to maybe give skaters some kind of a break, whether its by tossing them a deck through a raffle or maybe they just worked hard for it!

I'm in no position to sponsor anyone at the moment unfortunetly, but I believe through these steps I, a veteran skater from a very small town can keep pushing SMITH SKATEBOARDS to become something more then just a BIG dream, and in return perhaps do the same for that small town kid looking to catch his or her lucky break as well. 


The profits made from these shirts will go straight towards the raffle for a free Smith Skateboard! 

Everyone is eligible to enter in the raffle, one purchase of a SMITH SKATEBOARDS tshirt enters your name in for the raffle, there is no limit to how many you can purchase, the more you buy the more times your name gets put into the drawing and the better your chances for winning!




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