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Supplies for a healthy beginning for inner city impoverished young girls

Do your part by helping impoverished inner city young girls with supplies like personal hygiene, school supplies, dictionaries, socks, back packs, etc


Growing up was tough for my single mother of three young girls. Being the eldest of the three I saw first hand some of the struggles that took place not only for our small fatherless family but for many others. As I grew to appreciate the things that I was able to go work for on my own when I became an adult it became evident that not all people are able bodied and can make a living. Some struggle more than others and can't keep above water and miraculously haven't drowned.

I've dedicated myself to help others in any way that I can. Even if it's as simple as a notebook, a folder, or a pair of socks the giving is all the same when you're trying to enrich the lives of an innocent child, that didn't ask to be born or brought up in such an environment. We as samaritans have an obligation to not only our fellow man, woman and child but also to our heavenly Father above. We are to do good works here on this earth as humans and give a smile a hug or even a dollar when it counts the most.

With your purchase of this one of a kind "I AM A Memphis 10" T-Shirt portions of the funds recieved will be used to provide items of need for a lot of young girls in inner city neighborhoods.

Thank YOU So Much for your generosity, help and support. It's greatly appreciated. -Azana Fuqua, Founder of, Sisiters Striving 4 Success, an organization that believes in each one helping one.


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