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Tee's for Crystal

Crystal was hospitalized with a severe case of the flu. Her family hasn't been working and could use all the help they could get for medical bills.


Crystal Whitley is the mother of two children and three step children. River, Crystal's youngest is just 3 1/2 months old. She is also the mother to many others, as our community is small and she is one of our teachers. She is a wife, daughter, mother, and best friend! She was a healthy and very active woman until January the 22nd when she was diagnosedwith the flu. She was sent home with medication. By January 23rd she was rushed to the emergency room at 11pm. By January 24th at 3am Crystal was in critical conditon, placed on life support and care flighted to Baylor Scott and White in Dallas. Since arriving here 8 days ago Crystal has been diagnosed with both A and B strands of flu, MRSA pneumonia in both lungs, and the infection is in her blood. We have reached out in so many ways seeking prayers for this amazing woman who we know wants to get home to her new baby boy and the rest of the family and friends.



Our warrior continues to fight! The doctors feel that the best plan of action to attack this infection is surgery. Her fever remains a concern as it goes up and down but remains, even with a cooling blanket in place. At 7:30am on February 2nd they will take her to preform a Bronchoscopy, Troracotomy, Decortication, and a Tracheotomy. All of these things will benifit Crystal O'Conner Whitley and help her to beat this infection. Those are all a bunch of medical terms, but it basically means they will be going in and cleaning out the pocket of infection in her lungs. They will clean her airways again just like before and will be retrieving samples of the infection so that they can figure out what is the best regimen of antibiotics. They will insert a smaller more comfortable tube so that she is more comfortable and so that, when she is ready and stable, it will make it easier to tapper her off the support of the machine. We know that GOD is walking with Crystal through this journey and we are putting all of our trust in him.

Her blood pressure remains stable without the help of medication, the rest of her vital organs remain healthy and free of infection. Crystal continues to hold her own and the ECMO has not even been mentioned by the doctors today. We are praising GOD for these victories and claiming them in jesus name! Crystals surgery should last anywhere from 3 to 4 1/2 hours. Crystal recently had a baby and her husband used most of his vacation hours to spend time together as a family with their new little one. Approximately 2 months after giving birth, Crystal then had a hysterectomy. They could really use all the help they could get!

We know that god is the ultimate healer and is in complete control of this situation.


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