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Build solidarity. Support peace. Take action alongside family working for Beloved Community.


40,000 square feet.

42 organizations.

86,000+ people connected to resources, trainings, food, legal aid and more.

The Oakland Peace Center is a collective working together to create justice that leads to peace in our community.

As targeted hate and violence disrupt families and communities, as efforts are made to pit us against each other, we need to show up for each other. Any one group is not enough against the onslaught of physical, legislative and economic violence we face. But together, we can not only resist the hatred and division; we can build what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to as "Beloved Community."

When people try to pit us against each other, let us remember now more than ever, We Need Us.

*note: we are excited that Ink to the People allows us to bring you a sweatshop-free t-shirt, that they will send t-shirts so our small staff is freed up to keep working on programs, and we will get around $6.25 per tee shirt in profits. In this season, we would be grateful if you consider making an additional donation!

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