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Women in Raptor Research and Conservation 2017-2-2

Strong women united by their love of raptors, research, conservation and support of one another!


Women in Raptor Resarch and Conservation started as a simple Facebook group and was designed to bring women researchers, educators, field biologists, students, and raptor enthusiasts together. 

We chose a Northern Goshawk for our group logo because... well... they are BADASS! No one is going to mess with an adult female goshawk. We did not want to choose a raptor that was sexually dimorphic by plumage because we are not all that different from our male counterparts. We think the goshawk embodies the strength, determination, persistance, unwillingness to back down and a fierceness that is similar to what women bring to every field they are involved in, including raptor research and conservation!  

It all starts with baby steps.

Step 1: A dream and a design.

Step 2: Fundraise, Will you help us?

Step 3: We hope to use the proceeds from this campaign to support memberships in raptor-based organizations for young women who want to get more involved in research and conservation. This is only the small beginning of a dream, dreamed by women like you, who want to support, encourage, and develop a community of women within the broader community of raptor research and conservation.  

Note* We are not officially affiliated with the Raptor Research Foundation (yet) but we support it and its goals; and individually, we are members.

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